Harmony Music Festival Visuals

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I was acting as Camera Operator for the Techno Tribal After Hours shindig.
We had 2 other camera op’s, a lipstick cam mounted on the DJ booth, and two camera’s mounted on the trusses. This is my tally of what was being used by the visual crew…

3 V8s, 4 V4s
2 Nuvjs
6 MacbookPro’s
6 cameras
3 Korg Kaptivator’s
& a handful of portable DVD players


To the best of my recollection, we had 3 6ft tables filled to the brim, including a 4th table- filled by whatever kind of crazy controllers the laser guy had.

Set up my first pro screens, as I assisted VJ Lumens prepare for the gig. Ended up riding up some crazy lift in order to hang the 2 screens on both sides of the stage. Additionally, there were 5 inflatable teardrop screens provided by Inflatabill, rear-projected with custom mattes on stage, and a circular screen above the stage.
VJ Culture and Lumens were feeding the teardrops and circular screen with graphics, and VJ Tek from Rabbit in the Moon was acting as director and mixed live video feeds for the peripheral screens. As an added bonus, Jeff Mission happened to be in town, and was on board as another camera op for the weekend.

Friday entailed mostly bands, including an incredible performance from Steel Pulse, ‘Jazz Mafia’-a hip hop orchestra feat. Lyrics Born & Chali 2na and Zion I.

Saturday included the most insane burner-circus theatrics I’ve ever seen from all kinds of fire dancers, monster stiltwalkers, shadow dancers, and aerialists- Certainly can’t fail to mention Tipper, Ott, Beats Antique, and Lynx/Janover.

Encountered some interesting challenges to hold my shots, while there were so many crazy things going on simultaneously, yet I overcame my ADD and managed to stay focused :)

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