EDC LA 2010- Basspod Visuals

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This past weekend was absolutely bonkers- mixing graphics @ the Basspod (the drum n bass stage) got me lifted; not to mention all the byootiful go-go dancers. Once again, thank you very much ladies. Oh ya, the DJ’s were good too.
I was holding it down @ one of the smaller stages, but in my personal biased opinion- it was the best stage. DnB and the ocassional dirty dubstep provided for plenty o ruckus. There were 5 actual stages, but I’m glad to have found the ice cream truck blaring some sweet reggae in the middle of all the electro-beats. There was some kind of tripped out marching band traversing the festival grounds, not too sure if they ever posted up and made some music. Here they are @ the Basspod

As a general landmark for my place of work, pirates dancing on a space-boat was quite interesting to say the least.

12th planet, LTJ Bukem, Xample, & Dirty Phonics were personal highlights at the Basspod- but i’m pretty sure Moby, Z-Trip, Benny Benassi, Will.i.am, Sasha, Groove Armada, Bassment Jaxx, Mstrkrft… tore it up elsewhere

Throughout the course of the weekend, DBlock teamed up w/ The Visualante; creating a well-rounded visual experience. Up until now, I had only manipulated graphics, whereas in this instance- we were able to pull some crazy effects incorporating our video feeds, resulting in a heavy dose of visual stimulation.

-2 laptops
-1 DVJ
-1 NuVJ
-1 V4
-2 mounted camera’s
-1 roving camera (operated by myself, Visualante, and an occasional assistant)
-2 portable DVD players
-and a whole lotta cables/converters

1 of the mounted camera’s was creating a feedback loop- which I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, thanks to inspiration from the book “I am a Strange Loop.” If you’re not familiar with feedback loops- when the DJ moves, echos of their motion followed them.

I hope u caught some of DBlock’s eyecandy @ EDC, because I didn’t happen to record my set. I’m needing to find a solution for recording my output- because I very much regret not having quality documentation of this epic event. Peep this tasty morsel of the performance, courtesy of ten80pee.

Here’s a shot that might help you get a decent understanding of the scale of crowd that was @ that stage

It was multimedia mayhem across the festival- Vello Virkhaus (V2), VJ Culture, VJ Tek, VJ Fader, and Jesse Nikette were holding down the other stages.
Video below features JesseNikette and his DIY midi controller. Get out the way guitar hero- complete with a midi foot-pedal setup.

Unrelated, yet in the same weekend, I managed to squeeze in working on a 50ft diameter sand mandala under the lunar eclipse with a handful of firedancers and 1 clown. Time lapse coming soon…

As I read over this, I ask myself- did that all just really happen?
Overall, a very wild and successful weekend.
Just as I gather brains and my belongings, its time to pack up again. Going to collect food for the hungry at High Sierra Music Festival on behalf of Conscious Alliance. Come trade up 10 canned goods for some beautiful commemorative artwork.

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