There’s a clown in my town

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Viral clip promoting bicycles as an active mode of transportation, entertainment, and awareness. Find a critical mass in your town!

Critical Mass is a great biking event in just about every city and country around the world.
I made this while in Savannah as a promotional viral kinda thing, yet I never let it see the internet…until now! I think I was hesitant to show it because I never really got to refine it before my hard drive crashed. Fortunately, I have this to share with you…

“There is a clown in my town,
for some reason he always wears a frown.
Everyday he goes to work,
in a car that’s old and berzerk.
He’s been mean for awhile,
and we don’t like that style.
Today he rides with us,
he stopped making all that fuss.
We rode for a few short miles,
starting our day with a gigantic smile”

I’ll proudly claim this whacky content, including design/animation, writing and scoring.
Technical Supervising Elephant: Brandon Nelson
Clown: Todd Beyer
Voiceover: Joe Schwarzenberg
Makeup: Andrew Wagner

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