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Managed to lose my voice, a price worth paying for being part of the insanity of the Beyond Wonderland experience. Overall, everything went incredibly well. Managed to fluidly get through 2 computer freezes, a dj power outtage, and a long day of work.

Simple things made an enormous difference throughout the course of my night. To start with, seeing my desktop on all the screens was so comforting. Fortunately, because we were running composite video, so I was able to use my switch as a backup. Good thing, too- prepared for Murphy’s law and when my computer got overloaded, I swapped out the signal to a DVD loop.

Loop in action, pre-show:
Center stage setup consisted of: 2 plasma screens + 4 LED panels.
Not pictured, 2 projectors lighting up both sides of the stage.

Before everything started up, I took my longboard around the venue for a cruise and managed to run into Aurelito & Shakespeare’s Icecream Reggae truck. Aurelito and my family friend Dewey were preparing to blast some dubstep and reggae across the lagoon. Didn’t manage to catch any of it, but i’m sure the kids who were walking through the 3d light tunnel were able to enjoy.
Eventually returned to my station. Did a reboot before party dropped, then commenced a minimal freak out, thinking my machine wasn’t able to work due to the vibrations of the bass- fortunately, with a little patience, I was able to get back up n running. Proceeded to switch back to my mixer’s signal and cued my visuals to dance all over the wall.

12th planet absolutely crushed it while warming up the stage for Caspa.
During his set, a couple guys walk in from the backstage door, evidently just arriving- with suitcase in hand. Someone greeted me thanking me for contributing, and I scoped his shirt- thinking it was some playoff of a Darth Vader image.

About 30 minutes later, the stage manager rushes over to me and tries to confirm that I had Caspa’s logo. No Dice. I was open to working with it, yet no one had it. Nor could we download it. I chase down the stage manager, trying to tell him that If someone gets it to me, I can throw it in the mix. Instead, I find myself next to the the Darth Vader t-shirt again, meeting his buddy> CASPAAAaaaaa. It turns out that shirt was their record label SubSoldiers, worn by MC Rod Azlan. Unfortunately, I didn’t even get to give them proper respect, because I was overwhelmed by trying to resolve this problem.

Note to self: know what the dj’s look like, not what just what they sound like.

After unsuccessfully transferring his logo via a failed bluetooth connection, I realized I had the ability to create a text animation. In the middle of his set, I was able add a loop, with his name coming in from all directions. I’m hopeful his MC had a chance to peep that during the set, cuz he was all over the stage, looking every which way. I didn’t even notice this during the show, but Caspa lost sound for a minute. Probably a cable just got tugged loose, but his MC Azlan filled the dead space and kept the vibe going.

The bass dropped so heavy it blew one of the smaller monitors right in front of the DJ booth. We weren’t able to bring it back to life during the show, but I think that only made a difference to the kids right up front.

And a little taste of what else was going on throughout the night-

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Can i go back to work yet!?

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